Bonzai Software was founded in the summer 2002 in Altheim, Germany. During the last years, BonzaiSoftware.com has become a place for software demonstrations of new technologies in computer graphics and games.

Please note that BonzaiSoftware.com is a private project.

BonzaiSoftware is:
-Michael Horsch

Business & Contact Info: www.HorschCG.de

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    1. Thanks for the notice. I checked the downloads and all of them should be ok. I’m not sure about the exact reason for the false positive, but I suspect it is because the demos can go into fullscreen mode and for the first person view the mouse position is set by the program. I currently can’t patch this, so if you don’t want to trust it you may want to check it with another scanner, submit it to TrendMicro for further checking or run it in a VM if you have the technical expertise.

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