OpenGL Demos

20.12.2009 High Dynamic Range Image Based Lighting using Deferred Shading

This demo shows real time high dynamic range image based lighting using deferred shading.
16.03.2008 Snow and Ice Landscape Rendering

Snow and Ice Landscape Rendering
This new OpenGL demo shows techniques for rendering snow and ice landscapes. It features: Snow and Ice Rendering, Procedural Terrain and Textures, Sparkling Snow, Frozen Water, Weather Effects, Real-Time Terrain Shadows and much more.
31.10.2007 Volumetric Smoke

Volumetric Smoke
This demos shows volumetric smoke using a particle system, a GLSL sky shader and simple atmospheric scattering using GLSL shaders.
20.08.2007 Non-Photorealistic Rendering

This new demo shows non-photorealistic rendering of 3D-scenes using GLSL shaders. There are three kinds of non-photorealistic rendering in this demo: Cartoon Shading, Pencil Shading and Ink Shading.
27.12.2006 The Garden

This demo shows a few shader effects in a garden scene. Effects included: Depth-Of-Field, Water, Soft Blurred Shadows, An animated Skybox, Grass & Leaf Rendering, Per-Pixel Lighting
17.05.2006 PhysX and Shadows

This demo shows my physics playground together with soft shadow mapping. The AGEIA PhysX SDK (now NVIDIA PhysX) is used for the physics effects. The demo features many rigid bodies and allows you to interact with the scene by throwing boxes or a rag doll. The soft shadow mapping uses the EXT_framebuffer_object extension for render-to-texture operations. A GLSL shader blurs the shadow to produce soft, fuzzy shadows.
02.04.2006 Mandelbrot Viewer

This new demo shows the rendering of the Mandelbrot set using GLSL shaders and FBOs. It allows the user to change the number of iterations and the visualization of the set. Category: Useless, but nice to watch.
22.01.2006 Relief Mapping

This demo shows Relief Mapping, a dynamic sky and HDR Rendering. The Relief Mapping shader uses two linear searches and depth correction for correct silhouettes along surface intersections. The sky shader allows you to control the cloud density and the cloud clover. Finally a HDR bloom shader smoothes the scene.
29.05.2005 Glow

This demo shows a glow post processing effect. The demo also features: Per-Pixel Lighting, Stencil Shadows and texture perturbation effects. All shaders are written in the OpenGL Shading language (GLSL), so you need a GLSL compatible graphics card to run this demo.
09.03.2005 Water-Fire-Sky

This demo shows the rendering of clean and foggy water, fire and sky. The demo also features y-Axis billboarding and simple collision detection/response. A tutorial about the water effect is included.
15.01.2005 Depth of Field

This demo shows a Depthof Field effect. Objects which are far away from the viewer appear blurred. This effect also automatically reduces aliasing to a minimum.
08.12.2004 RTT-FX 2

This demos shows the following Render-To-Texture Effects: Camera (simple rtt),Water (reflection & refraction),Refraction,Blur,Color inversion, Laplacian Edge Detection,Blur
08.12.2004 Galtons Board

GaltonGL is a simulation of Galton’s Board. It’s physically not 100% correct, but it works.
30.10.2004 RTT-FX

This demos shows the following Render-To-Texture Effects: Camera (simple rtt),Water (reflection & refraction),Refraction
10.03.2004 Naturise Engine

Naturise Outdoor 3D Rendering Engine .
01.01.2003 Soft stencil Shadows

Soft Stencil Shadows Rendering and Hard Stencil Shadows Rendering ..
01.01.2003 Refraction Shader

This Demo simulates refraction. The scene is rendered to a texture and the texture coordinates are then perturbed by a dynamic-generated Perlin Noise texture.