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I produce my own original instrumental music including all steps involved. Here you can find my latest songs. If you like what I’m doing, please support me on

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Album 1 (12.07.2018)

This album contains some of the songs I created in the last two years.  I’m still learning lots about recording, mixing and mastering.

Songs with “_Record”-postfix contain recorded instruments played by me, while all other songs are MIDI-Compositions played by virtual instruments.

Guitar solo parts are mostly improvised and may contain some playing errors, I’m sorry for that.

Last Holiday (Latin15)

Eating Dried Blood (Metal30_Record)

Leave Me Alone (Blues43_Record)

Driving Through The Past (Jazz58_Record)

Help Me (Blues1_Record)

A Punch In The Face (Blues42_Record)

Don’t Want To Miss You (Blues36_Record)

Playing On The Streets (Funk34)

Feather On A Beach (Jazz24)

Late Night Work (Jazz27)

Unplugged Love (Jazz57)

Hot Summer Night (Latin8)

Bees And Flowers (Latin10)

Ride Through The Forest (Metal13)

Fight Till Death (Metal29_Record)

I Say Good Bye (Pop20)

Rainy Summer Morning (Prog35)

Get Up (Reggae26)

Moonlight Sword Dance (Rock45)

Abducting Cows (Rock74_Record)

Fluffy Bunny On A Killing Spree (Rock92)

Winner Of The Match (Rock106_Record)

Get Out Of My Way (Rock123_Record)

Simple Rock One (Rock125_Record)

Mountain Winds (Rock122_Record)

Fighting The Sorrow (Rock120_Record)