Games & Other Projects

Here you can find my own music and compositions

OctaCore – A Casual Match-3-Puzzle-Logic Game
OctaCore is my first commercial game. OctaCore is a fun game which combines proven elements from Match-3, Puzzle and Logic games with new ideas for a new kind of gameplay.
Get it here:OctaCore- A Casual Match-3-Puzzle-Logic Game

Hybrid GPU-CPU Path Tracing
For my Master thesis about hybrid ray tracing I developed a hybrid GPU-CPU path tracer at PI-VR GmbH in Darmstadt. The ray tracing is done on the GPU and the shading is done on the CPU. The abstract of the thesis is available here.

The FireRenderer was developed during a 3-month-internship at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics. It was a part of my bachelor thesis, which is available here.

My first 3d engine