Real Time High Dynamic Range Image Based Lighting


This demo shows real time high dynamic range image based lighting using deferred shading.
The environment is approximated by 64 directional light sources, which are extracted from an HDR environment map using Paul Debevec’s median cut algorithm. Each light casts a shadow using shadow mapping. The lighting is done in a deferred shading pass. Materials consist of three layers: A clearcoat layer, a glossy layer and an underlying diffuse layer. The layers are controlled by parameters, which allow to mix the layers to create different materials.
This technique works for static and animated models, no precomputation is needed. The models can be placed directly inside the environment, a matte material allows the environment to receive shadows. The featured model was modelled and animated in Blender.
The demo features three environments: The well known Uffizi evironment from Paul Debevec, a parking lot at the Campus Dieburg (h_da), and a synthetic studio environment, modelled and rendered in Blender.

Download High Dynamic Range Image Based Lighting Demo (~13MB)

Download IBL Paper


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