BSRay v1.0


BSRay is a real time ray tracing system. It allows the user to preview the scene with real time ray tracing. The scene can then be rendered with high quality in high resolutions. With Iterative Image Refinement the rendering progress of the scene can be observed and the rendering can be stopped when the desired quality is reached.

Download Requirements
Download BSRay(~3.5 MB)

CPU with SSE support (Multi-Core recommended)
OpenGL-compatible graphics hardware


  • Rendering:
    • Per-Pixel exact shadows, reflection and refraction
    • Monte-Carlo Path-Tracing
    • Iterative Image Refinement
  • Acceleration Structures:
    • SAH kd-tree
    • SAH Binary BVH
    • Voxel Octree (for Voxel Rendering)
  • Lighting and Shading:
    • Point Lights
    • Arbitrary Light Sources
    • Image Based Lighting
    • Several Materials:
      • Lambert
      • Dielectric
      • Mirror
      • Glossy Mirror
      • Light Emitting
      • HDR Environment Maps
  • Technical Specs:
    • Coded in C++ with SSE for optimal performance
    • OpenGL is used for displaying the image and post processing effects
    • Multi-Threaded Ray Tracing using Intel TBB


    bsray005 bsray004 bsray002